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Consequences of Violation of DWI Probation in Syracuse

Syracuse DWI Lawyer

DWI probation dictates specific conditions under which an individual convicted of a DWI offense can continue to drive.  You may be compelled to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.  An ignition interlock is a device that is about the size of a cell phone that analyzes a sample of your breath and unless your blood alcohol level is below a certain limit, the vehicle will not start.  In New York, DWI probation officers are ordered to investigate every alarm they receive from the ignition interlock system.  DWI probation violation is taken very seriously and can affect the status of your probation.  I, Dennis Claus, a Syracuse DWI lawyer may be your best chance to maintain your probation and your license.  I am knowledgeable in the varied and complex aspects of DWI laws.  I understand what you are facing and my tireless, professional approach may help provide you with the optimum available defense to guard your rights.

Penalties for Violation of DWI Probation

Some of the punishments imposed for violation of DWI probation are the same as DWI penalties that can be imposed when first convicted.  Some of the additional penalties include:

  • Loss of driver's license
  • Additional probation time
  • Fines
  • Community service or alcohol education classes
  • Probation may be revoked resulting in jail time for the remainder of the probationary period

Get the help you need immediately in order to avoid the consequences of jail time and other financial penalties.  My firm is well-versed in defense for this specific situation and will work tirelessly to help you avoid further penalties.  With over 31 years of experience, you can trust me to have your best interests in mind.

Contact me, a DWI attorney as soon as possible to determine your best defense against potentially severe consequences after a violation of probation.
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