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Multiple DWI Arrests: Prior DWI Conviction in Syracuse?

The Consequences of Prior DWI Convictions: Increased Penalties

If you are involved in multiple DWI arrests, the consequences can escalate quickly.  While this is the case in most states, New York is especially severe in this respect, considering a second offense can be charged as a felony.  A DWI is considered a second offense if you have been convicted of the same within the ten years prior to your arrest.  Not only may the severity of the charge increase, the penalties will increase.  They continue to do so with subsequent convictions.  If you are facing a DWI and have any priors, it is vital you contact me, a  Syracuse DWI attorney immediately.  I can take proactive action to attempt to reduce the charges or consequences you will face.

A first DWI may result in a fine from $500 - $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to one year.  Your license will be revoked for 6 months and you can face a probation period of 3 years.  A second offense has very similar penalties but may also carry the consequences attendant to any felony conviction.  In addition, you will have to provide evidence of rehabilitation or alcohol evaluation before the DMV will reissue you a license. 

Syracuse DWI Lawyer

I, Dennis Claus at Law Office of Dennis Claus am able to fight on your behalf and endeavor to protect you from further criminal convictions or license suspension.  I can represent you in your criminal proceedings as well as your administrative hearing with the DMV.  It is important that you exercise your right to remain silent if you are charged with DWI and only speak to law enforcement officials with your attorney present.  I, Dennis Claus, can guide you in how best to address interrogations so as not to inadvertently incriminate yourself.

Contact me, a Syracuse DWI lawyer immediately if you have charged with DWI and have any prior DWI convictions.
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